FlekStore 3.1 iOS Download

FlekStore 3.1 iOS Download: FlekStore 3.0 is the latest version of the app with which you can download and install jailbreak tweaks, paid apps, iOS gaming emulators, screen recorders etc. for free without jailbreak for iPad/iPhone. If you are facing any issues with FlekStore 3.0 App, here I have a good new for FlekStore iOS App users, FlekStore development team is currently testing FlekStore 3.1 iOS version and the app is currently in its beta tests. FlekStore 3.1 iOS Download will soon be available from FlekStore site.

FlekStore 3.1 iOS Download

FlekStore 3.1 iOS Download

FlekStore 3.1 is yet to be released, but I have some information about the features that are going to be there in FlekStore 3.1 iOS App. It seems that FlekStore is going to bring paid version of the App from FlekStore 3.1 for those who wish to pay one time and enjoy the apps from FlekStore for your iOS version and then you don’t need to reinstall the apps each month/week because of certificate revocation. You have to register with your device’s UDID in FlekStore and then any app you downloaded will not go any where and will always be available for you and you can forget about all these certificate revocations.

Will FlekStore 3.1 iOS free download still available?

Yes, FlekStore 3.1 Free download will still be available and it will not go away. There is no difference for the free FlekStore 3.1 iOS Apps, support will still be there for free FlekStore 3.1 Apps as before but Free Apps are more likely to be unstable, can crash and simply not installed. Paid version of FlekStore 3.1 Download will be absolutely stable, because the certificate will be signed by Apple and there will be no certificate revocations. With FlekStore 3.1 Pro app, any feature, any app from the AppStore, you can order and want to install it later from your personal account.



What’s New in FlekStore 3.1 Download

FlekStore 3.1 will recognize your device’s iOS version and accordingly apps which supports your iOS version will get filtered and will be listed.

  • In FlekStore 3.1, Fixed translation error system and the new version will be released with a completely Russian Interface.
  • FlekStore 3.1 was moved to the latest version Framework7.
  • FlekStore 3.1 is available in both paid and free versions.
  • In FlekStore 3.1, you will have a simple account Manager, “Details” page for repos and more new features.
  • UDID Apps section will be available for FlekStore 3.1 paid version.


Will FlekStore 3.1 Support iOS 10, 10.1.1, 10.2, 10.2,1, 10.3?

FlekStore 3.1 will be made available with the updated apps which supports iOS 10+ versions, iOS 10, iOS 10.1.1, iOS 10.2, iOS 10.2.1. Currently FlekStore 3.0 supports iOS 8+ and iOS 9+ versions.

FlekStore 3.1 iOS Download – FlekStore 3.1 Install

FlekStore 3.1 iOS Download steps will be updated here soon after FlekStore 3.1 Beta version is made available for download. Keep visiting this page for more updates.

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